The Principal of QMUL Colin Bailey has decided that it is not enough to threaten our right to strike by withholding our pay until we agree to reschedule the teaching that was cancelled due to industrial action, he also wants to punish Schools with active union membership by shaming them to prospective students. 

We are aware that Colin Bailey has written to Heads of Schools and Institutes (HoS) to discuss future communication with prospective applicants. He proposed that the university should warn them that the quality of education might be disrupted in some Schools and Institutes based on past experience of strike action. 

Colin Bailey’s anti-union tactics aim to intimidate line managers to comply with the punitive deductions approach, making sure they report staff that refuse to reschedule teaching. He thinks This will act as leverage over the Schools to enforce an unpopular policy. 

The Principal of QMUL has now effectively stopped representing the interests of staff and students by actively undermining the future success of Schools with large union membership. He is expecting us to give up and accept that we no longer have the right to strike at QMUL. 

We will not give up and will continue to fight. In the next couple of days we will be deciding our strike strategy, and setting up a local crowdfunding campaign and letter writing campaign for students and staff. Tomorrow at 1pm we are holding our branch committee meeting where we will discuss the escalation of the dispute. The link for the meeting is here: