At its core, university is a community of students and staff. Staff’s working conditions and any attempt to protect or improve them will be felt by students as well. This page is to provide information and resources for students, as well as to invite you to join in the project to build a better university for everyone.

The Community Solidarity group created a handy booklet with information about trade unions, workers’ rights, and how to join. Download it here.

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News for students

QMUL specific action?

QMUL is facing local strike action 3-14 April in response to management implementing deductions of 26 days for 6 days of strike. This post explains what’s happening, how strike action can be prevented, and what you can do to help.

Info for students on industrial action

So your University and College Union got a mandate for Industrial Action, what now? You will have heard that UCU, the University and College Union, has achieved a mandate for industrial action. The questions below should help to give some information about what we already know this means. Check our Instagram for a more visual digest…

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Student Liaison

The Student Liaison serves as a point of contact between the branch and students. The Student Liaison also works with student organisers and the Students’ Union, coordinating events and campaigns.They facilitate conversation and collaboration between the UCU branch and students, from undergraduate to PGR, and to inform students about the UCU and trade unionism more widely.