QM UCU Local Committee, Contacts and Representatives 2019-2020

Any member who is interested in one of the vacant positions on the committee should contact one of the officers in the first instance to find out more

Chair Darryn Mitussis (Business and Management)


Vice-Presidents Paul Anderson (Oral Growth and Development) 5962
Branch Secretary Jessica Jacobs (Geography)
Assistant Secretaries vacant
Treasurer Julian Holmes (Retired)
Membership Secretary Tom Jordaan (IT Services)
Equality Officer Catherine Mitsaki (Languages, Linguistics and Film) 2840
Communications Officer Angus McNelly (Politics and International Relations)
Black Members’ Rep vacant
 LBGT Rep vacant
Anti-Casualisation Rep (including Demonstrators, Teaching Associates, Teaching Fellows and Fixed Term Academic & Research Staff) Emily Pfefer (Business and Management) [(teaching fellows]
 Health and Safety Rep Chris Mansfield (Languages, Linguistics and Film) 2759

Tom Jordaan (IT Services)

Postgraduate students’ / Demonstrators’ Rep vacant
Women Members Rep Jessica Jacobs (Geography)
Disabled Members Rep Karen Kruzycka (IT Services) 8817
Postgraduate students’ / Anti-casualisation Rep vacant
Pensions Officer vacant
Ordinary Members Mark Baxendale (Physics) 5795
Martin Donkin
Mark Farris
David Lexton (Retired)
Chris Mansfield (Languages, Linguistics and Film) 2759
Matteo Mandarini (Business and Management) 8411
Case Coordinator ucu-coordinator@qmul.ac.uk

Branch Administrators Hannah Dee & Christine Hurley

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