It won’t have escaped your notice that management, at exactly the same time as ignoring your request for a collective Covid Allowance, has launched a bonus scheme supposedly designed “to recognise and reward exceptional contributions made by colleagues during the past 12 months, reflecting the unique circumstances of Covid-19, national lockdowns and Covid response”. Despite the announcement of this scheme coming with the usual empty rhetoric about pride in staff and recognition of your “exceptional standard of work under great pressure”, the scheme is still premised on the notion that only a select few staff can be considered to have gone “above and beyond” in the last twelve months. 

You know full well that Queen Mary has been kept running during the pandemic by exceptional hard work from all staff, who have all gone above and beyond in various different ways. Rather than recognise your labour on equal terms with those of your colleagues, management insists that only some of you are worthy of reward and you will have to compete against your colleagues. With this in mind QMUCU has submitted a symbolic application to the bonus scheme on behalf of all staff – from lecturers to PGRs and from IT services to cleaners – which you can read below.

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