Many thanks to all who turned out to do an hour’s picketing (in some cases much longer!) on Wednesday and Thursday, helping to make it a successful national action with positive media coverage. As a branch we should feel proud that we managed to cover all five entrances to the Mile End campus, as well as picketing Whitechapel campus on both days.

To those who did not manage to join the pickets, we urge you to give serious thought to ways in which you can join your colleagues in supporting the action as it gains momentum. The more members support the union the more likely we are to win this dispute and see movement on some key equality issues confronting the sector.

As a reminder, in addition to strike action these are:

– Resign from any external examinerships you currently hold – advice to support you in this is available from the branch committee, and here:

This is already proving an effective strategy, with over 1000 resignations nationally – making the ‘most popular’ story on the Guardian website yesterday:

Members should also be working to contract until further notice. For guidance on this please see the link below.

At a minimum we would encourage members to set up an automated email response indicating this on the lines of ‘As a member of UCU I am working to contract in support of the union’s campaign to secure fair pay in higher education. This may mean it takes longer for me to respond to emails. You can find out more about the dispute here: ‘

We will update you about further action in due course.

In solidarity,

Queen Mary UCU Committee

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