It might be the struggle to keep your work hours under control and maintain work-life balance. It might be the wish for better connection between high level decisions and work on the ground. Or it could well be the need for a safe and fulfilling work environment in which your contributions are recognised, your career development is supported, and you have secure employment prospects.

The chances are that all of these issues will affect you at some point during your work at Queen Mary.

The University is over-reliant on fixed-term and hourly paid contracts, and is building up a poor record on equalities that contradicts its proud statements about Queen Mary being a ‘diverse’ place to work and study. Queen Mary UCU is continually pressing management, fighting casualisation and building an equalities network to confront these problems.

With more members, we will have a stronger voice on these issues. Please join UCU today to help make Queen Mary a better place to work for everyone.

Are you on a Fixed Term Contract?  Join UCU and you will be entitled to a surgery appointment with our Regional Support Officer who can look at your individual case and advise on when and how to claim a permanent contract.

Surgeries at:
Whitechapel: Garrod 1.26A, 12-2pm on Thursday 10th March

Mile End: UCU office, 12-2pm on Wednesday 9th March

The UCU office is up a staircase on the edge of the Geography building just off Library Square, opposite the back of the Queens building.  It is just beneath the number 26 on this map.

If you have access needs please contact to arrange a different location.


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