Pay for university staff has decreased by 14.5% since 2009. Cumulatively compared to rises in RPI in the same period, your take-home pay is worth 14.5% less than it was in 2009. Grab a calculator, go onto MyHR and see what you’re missing.

In striking contrast, QMUL Vice-Chancellor, Simon Gaskell, has been awarded pay increases of 18%, 25%, 14.5% and 5% over the past years by the university’s remuneration panel. But with a pay packet already of £203,000, an annual expenses claim of £22,800, and free accommodation worth £39,000 a year, Gaskell has felt able to magnanimously decline that additional boost to his pay cheque.

If you’re a woman, or hourly paid, then chances are your cumulative pay is even worse. TAs and Hourly Paid Lecturers can find themselves on contracts that provide pay rates unchanged since 2009, and with additional marking expectations that can bring their pay down to below the minimum hourly wage. And as this film shows, the gender pay gap currently stands at 12.6% in universities – £6,103 per year.

Which is why UCU, Unite, GMB and EIS have submitted a claim this year for a 5% pay increase for all staff. With agreed action to close the gender pay gap by 2020. And agreement to reduce casual and Fixed-Term Contracts, with pay linked to similar permanent grades.

Pay Matters. Support the UCU Pay Campaign 2016-2017

University bosses’ pay ‘inflation-busting’  – BBC News 11/02/2016
Why Pay Matters –  UCU Leaflet
Transparancy At The Top – UCU Report Feb 2016

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