This week (8-14 Feb) is heartunions week, celebrating the work trade unions and their network of volunteer reps do to help working people every day.

Organised by the TUC, the campaign will showcase the amazing work unions do, making sure we are safe, protecting our jobs, bargaining for fair pay, and helping us get on at work through learning and training.

And heartunions week comes at a crucial time. The government are currently trying to push through drastic changes in the Trade Union Bill, that will make it harder for unions to organise, recruit members, and stand up for workers’ rights.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to help out during heartunions week:

1 Tell us why you ♥UNIONS

Spread the love by sharing a photo or message on social media.

2 Sign and share our petition

Tell David Cameron to rethink the Trade Union Bill. To be handed into Number 10 this week.

3 Watch Emma’s story

Listen to union rep Emma talk about why her work matters so much.

4 Write to the editor

Local papers have a huge readership. Write a letter to yours and your message could be seen by thousands.

5 Join UCU

Or use the TUC online tool to find the union best for you.



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