In a little over one week, over 1,300 academics, scientists and current and former students of SBCS from around the world have signed our petition calling for a halt to the proposed restructuring of the School. Below we reproduce some of the comments left by current and former students who are in no doubt as to the damage that would be inflicted on their department. It is striking and touching how many of them value the excellent teaching experience they received at SBCS – an experience UCU believes will be destroyed by these plans.

Helen Edwards, United Kingdom
I’m a student in the SBCS and am seriously worried that these changes will have a negative impact on the dept and see a fall in standards due to inadequate staffing/teaching and student support. I suffer with a serious disability and would have dropped out without so many supportive academic staff in spite of problems with the former head of dept/pre existing lack of interdepartmental communication; this will just be exacerbated by the changes.

Dr. Adam Payne, United Kingdom
I spent the best part of 7 years in this department getting my BSc and PhD. The teaching staff made this place and without their care, patience and enthusiasm I wouldn’t be where I am today. It sounds like change for the sake of change!

Mr. Alexander Hulland, United Kingdom
My entire degree was enhanced through the teaching of those lecturers who are not only researching the topic they teach but also passionate about that topic.

Mr. Abhyuday (Adam) Deshpande, United Kingdom
Asking for brutal, private business like efficiency with no regard for loyalty, creativity and understanding will not be good for my former University and I urge the board to reconsider.

Ms. Jade Raffle, United Kingdom
The staff who taught me at Queen Mary were excellent, this is a ridiculous idea!!!

Ms. Victoria Sylver, United Kingdom
Please don’t get rid of this amount of staff. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to have a beneficial cause and seems as though it will affect a tremendous amount of students, particularly first year and third year students

Name not displayed, United Kingdom
We need quality teaching! If such great academic staff who themselves are researchers are made redundant, what on earth is going to happen to our education?

Ms. Helen Pritchard-Smith, United Kingdom
I had the best time as an undergraduate there, a new building without the excellent staff to fill it is pointless!

Ms. Maryam Marmar, United Kingdom
This is going to have catastrophic affects on the future of the SBCS, undergraduates are going to be losing out on world class teaching from some of the most inspirational people I know. I was privileged enough to be taught by some of the most intelligent academics in the country, and it is a shame that they may be let go.

Dr. Amanda Duffus, GA
All I can say is Seriously? As a graduate of the School of Biological and Chemical Science, it was their strong faculty that attracted me to do my PhD there! This is just horrid, I thought that things like this happened in the US, not the UK! Please keep SBCS in its current form! (It would also be better if you gave them MORE not less funding!)

Mr. Alan Kan, United Kingdom
Although I have had a rollercoaster of an experience whilst at QM, I have to thank all staff at SBCS for their help through 3 years of study. They nurtured our young minds through supervision and guidance and I believe their work has motivated the next generation of scientists to break from their shells and participate in scientific excellence.

Mr. Mohammed Muhib, United Kingdom
Having graduated from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences in the summer of 2011 I find it appaling, in fact disgusting that the university is sacking a third of the staff. Lecturers and researchers who I have had the pleasure to learn from are being booted out for what I say? One wonders why QMUL is not moving forward at a rate of knots and here’s your answer. Pathetic, immoral, disgusting…well I’m sure others can think of many other adjectives to describe this university.

Ms. Malika Barakat, United Kingdom
Dear SBCS staff, you inspired us to dream and to always strive towards excellence. You are on top of our league tables, we are all behind you.

Mr. Edmund Berry, United Kingdom
As a student of SBCS I feel it is important to maintain the quality that I came to the University for. I would hate to see any of the teachers I have had in my first term sacked. It would be a great shame, the quality of my degree I know will suffer.

Ms. Carla Jackson, United Kingdom
I am in my final year at QM and have a first class education with top class researchers, basically, coming here was the best decision I have made. If it’s not broken don’t try to fix it.

Mr. Joe Jury, United Kingdom
Spent 3 of the most exciting years of my life as an undergrad at SBCS (08-11), wouldn’t have changed it for the world!

Liisa Peltola, United Kingdom
Save our dedicated and professional staff from these restructuring plans that already have had a negative impact on our studying experience.

Ms. Alexandra Williams, United Kingdom
They say this will not affect teaching? Well, what about next year’s third year projects? How can staff sign the current second years up for third year projects if they’re not even sure they’ll be here? Pah! It’s ridiculous, the ruddy lot of it.

Lucy-Rose Wyatt, United Kingdom
The current proposal is ill-thought out and likely to be counterproductive. The students know, and we are against it, too!

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