Facing pressure to return to campus?

Worried about Covid-19 hazards at the workplace?

Struggling with unbearable workload and stress?

The only way to fight these issues is if we join together. Your union can help.

In response to the increasing pressure for QMUL staff to return to campus, QMUCU is organising a health and safety discussion on 23rd September from 1pm to 2.30 pm on Zoom. The link was sent to all members via email. This meeting will discuss all aspects of health and safety and discuss strategies to organise against the reckless endangerement of staff at Queen Mary.

Please also consider filling out our health and safety survey. This form has been created by the QMUCU Health and Safety Representatives. As the new term approaches we are aware of issues arising from staff returning to the workplace. If you have any concerns or issues it would be really helpful if you could give us a brief outline of them below. The information will be anonymous and we are not collecting any personal data.

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