Do you want to learn how to organise more effectively against the structural changes happening in our universities? We have a brilliant training opportunity to all our members. You can join the UCU “Organising School” led by Jane McAlevey. Jane is a brilliant activist and writer who has had major success in leading successful union struggles in the US which have consistently won major victories in a very hostile employer and government environment. The school has been organised and funded by UCU nationally and it will be tailored specifically to the challenges of organising in UK Higher Education. 

The school consists of six sessions, online between 5-7pm on: Thurs 24 September; Tues 29 September; Thurs 1 October; Tues 6 October; Thurs 8 October; Tues 13 October

You can watch a taster event for the school here:

The organisation of the school is in response to the monumental challenges we are facing. Already riven by a decade of intense marketisation, the current pandemic has seen university employers across the country accelerate the race to cut workforce costs and ‘stream-line’ the kind of education, research and teaching we offer. Consequences include increased workloads * loss of valued colleagues through direct cuts, demoralisation or VSS * lack of support and training for online work * lack of support for colleagues with childcare or caring responsibilities * rising stress levels * more inequality * fatigue mental health issues * the unsafe return to campus during a pandemic…. 

– How in this context do we resist?

– How can we protect ourselves, each other and our teaching, research, support work and services?

– How do we organise together to stop this becoming the new normal?

There is a lot to learn from successful organising efforts that Jane McAlevey has been involved in and leading; centred on things we want to see here: unions that can successfully defend members rights, win against cuts, set the agenda to establish more equal and habitable working conditions and be part of building for a better a society in the communities where we work and live. The organising school will be a forum for any QMUCU member who wants to join. We expect a good number of us, so we will be able to work together on applying the knowledge, experience and skills shared in the school to our situation here at Queen Mary. 

Want to join us? Please email, QMUCU organiser – for more information, or to register. The deadline for registrations is Monday 14 of Sept.

If you are a student or a member of another trade union, you can also join the Organising School via this link:

See you there!

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