Covid-19: Emergency Joint Consultation Forum (JCF) called

The failure of senior management to include QMUCU with respect to key decision-making, and their failure use the HR-JCF mailing list for updates and consultation (in part required by law), leaves QMUCU no choice but to call for an emergency Joint Consultation Forum (JCF). Not to do so would be a failure of our duties and responsibilities as elected staff representatives.

You can see a copy of the proposed agenda items here.

2 Replies to “Covid-19: Emergency Joint Consultation Forum (JCF) called”

  1. I have just read the statement from HR that the maximum leave I am going to be allowed to carry is 5 days with permission from my line manager. I am at a complete loss as to how they have come to the decision. Since the announcement we are moving teaching on line, assessments are changing to open book I have had to cancel my Easter leave and am rarely working less than 10 hours a day and at least 5 hours a day at weekends supporting my students through these changes, developing the new teaching and assessment and ensuring my students who have returned overseas and are working 12 hours a day in the NHS can still get the learning support they need. I am being told to extend contact with applicants to encourage them to join in September and gave just been asked to start considering how we could deliver non face to face learning in semester 1. With the resits taking place immediately before the start of the new academic year can management enlighten me as to when I am to take the leave? Working from home has cost me financially to ensure I have a GDPR compliant environment to work in and to try and ensure some element of safe working for extended hours. I know I am not alone in this situation having mentioned this in passing to other staff. I am sure you are aware of the situation but it might need adding to the agenda

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