Tier Two visa holders and staff who are not members of the union can take part in lawful industrial action (and our forthcoming strike is lawful).

The Home Office guidance for sponsors of tier two and tier five visa holders makes it clear that time away from work for lawful does not count toward any absence periods (scroll to para 26.26).

Government guidance on strikes also makes it clear than non members can join industrial action.

Unfortunately, university bosses only now listen to staff when we take industrial action:

  • They didn’t listen when we told them that the pension valuation was inappropriate and that a good pension was affordable. A strike and two years of JEP work has made that clear.
  • They wouldn’t negotiate over equalities, workload, and casualisation until we took industrial action.

Now, they need a final push to show that we want meaningful negotiations and a fair settlement on pensions, pay and equalities.

Mobilise the colleagues nearest to you for a big impact on 20 February.

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