As you know, strike and action short of a strike starts Monday 25 November. The strike is due to end Wednesday 4 December. 

The Queen Mary Students’ Union (QMSU) and students at large have been overwhelmingly supportive, with two staff-student assemblies drawing big crowds. Our students understand that our university should set the example on pay, equalities and pensions.

Over the coming eight days, we want to ensure we maximise the impact of our action, to assert our collective voice against the intransigence shown by employers over our pensions, and the vital issues of casualisation, discriminatory pay gaps, crushing workloads and pay decline. 

The greater the level of participation in this action and the more visible our unity, the more likely employers will see reason and return to negotiations with a serious offer.

Below is some key information about picket lines and teach-outs taking place throughout the action. As well as the hardship fund and QMUCU advice on declaring.

Picket lines: Will run from 8am – 2pm every day. There will be a number of locations, and a continuous rallying point at the chaplaincy. Join us for an hour to the whole day! Full information about picket points, including a map, and guidance is available here:

Teach Outs: Normal seminars classes and lectures might not be running, but staff, students and members of local community have worked together to put on a feast of teach outs during the strike –taking place in the chaplaincy. You can see the full programme here:

Hardship Fund: Don’t feel you have to carry financial hardship as a result of the action. Find out about our hardship fund, what is on offer, and how to apply here:

QMUCU Guidance on Declaring Strike Action: Find QMUCU’s advice on this, as well as Action Short of a Strike (ASOS), FAQs and what students may ask here;

Keeping in touch: Since we recommend you do not use your email during the dispute we have created a whatsapp group for “info only” during the strike. You can join it by clicking on this link here:

Also check out our twitter @qmul_ucu and our website

If you have any concerns not answered in the material above, or that arise during the dispute, you can send an email to

In solidarity

QMUCU Branch Committee.

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