The staff survey results are truly awful. It is clear that management has made the working environment worse. Increasing bullying and decreasing sense of inclusivity. And you are being paid less and you face paying even more for your pension.

After an unexplained delay the results from the staff survey are out. You can find the results here. It is clear why management did not want to release the data, it does not make good reading. We will have a longer note later in the week, until then, here are the headlines:

  • Only 65% of QMUL staff believe the university values diversity, less than half in Humanities and Social Sciences and the Student Union. These figures are alarmingly low given the immense diversity of the university. QMUCU remains committed to making QMUL a great place to work and study for all students and staff. We urge members to help us tackle this problem and vote YES in the Pay and Equality ballot which opened on Monday.
  • Over 40% of staff feel they do not have adequate control over their workload and experience stress and therefore workload pressure. Only 36% of staff thought QMUL has adequate workload policies in place. Increasing student numbers and recurring restructuring are taking their toll on staff. This is why UCU is calling for a workload national framework in the current ballot. Again, you vote helps the union stand up to growing workload pressure.
  • 23% of staff have experienced bullying in the past 12 months, and 34% of staff have witnessed bullying. This is quite simply unacceptable. To put it another way, you wouldn’t send your child to a school where a quarter of students are bullied – why should you put up with this at work?


Staff generally like their jobs, but many feel things do not turn out as they should. The other take away figures about the overall work culture at QMUL are a significant factor in this. Management are behind this dissatisfaction, putting pressure on whole departments through the threat of restructuring, bullying employees and consistently undervaluing the diversity that makes QMUL the university it is.

>We say enough! Help us fight for a just university. Let’s start by fighting for pay justice and pensions justice!

Vote YES in the pensions ballot.

Vote YES in the pay ballot.

If you have not received your ballot paper, follow this link.

This year’s voting period is very short. Please vote today.

To find out more about the ballots, go to UCU’s website pages for the pay and equalities dispute and the pensions dispute.

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