Motion passed unanimously at the Branch Meeting, 19 June, 2019.

With respect to the proposed restructure of Academic Development, including the Engagement, Retention and Success team, the Queen Mary branch of the University and College Union notes that:

  • The consultation contains no rationale for the proposed restructuring,
  • The consultation document is full of errors of fact,
  • The broad thrust of the proposal is to eliminate key capabilities within Queen Mary that are essential to improving teaching and learning and improving how we support the education of students from different by socio-economic group, gender and race.
  • Members and colleagues outside Academic Development have spoken clearly, positively and passionately about the practical benefit of their work with Academic Development.

As a consequence, the branch calls on management to:

  • Immediately halt the consultation and revise the document,
  • Actively engage with the Queen Mary Students Union,
  • Actively engage with directors of teaching and learning from across the college to better understand the roles of the colleagues threatened with redundancy
  • Seek to cooperatively develop plans to increase Queen Mary’s expertise in teaching and learning and capability to diffuse those insights to practice.
  • Time a meaningful consultation at a time when individuals, schools and faculties can carefully develop a full and meaningful response.
  • Ensure all vacant posts are note so changes in total resource commitment are clear.

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