Emergency Motion passed at Branch Annual General Meeting, 8 May, 2019.

The QMUCU Branch notes the increased incidence of complaints about racism by our members in QMUL.

The branch also notes:

Several of these complaints are likely to go further and reach Employment Tribunal offering an opportunity to bring about meaningful change to the working conditions for all our members.

In light of the recent resignation of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager – citing institutional racism at QMUL, the string of resignations from women and black, Asian and ethnic minority colleagues, plus all of the recent summary dismissals and ill treatment of our comrades at QMUL, taking more cases to Employment Tribunals would be a catalyst for change at QMUL and beyond.

We Are the Union. The change needs to emanate from us – more so in a university with over 60% BAME population.

The QM UCU branch resolves to:

  1. Develop a branch campaign against institutional racism at QMUL.
  2. Setup a working party to establish a voluntary fund to support members who are seeking legal action against QMUL on the grounds of racism.
  3. Call on UCU HQ to proactively support all members involved in such legal cases.

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