First senior management tried to impose cuts to your sick leave, to treat ill colleagues with more haste and less compassion.

Then senior management stood by while the imaginary deficit is used to eviscerate your pension.

[UPDATE: HR responded to QMUCU intervention, saying the low pay rate was communicated in error and that the current London Living Wage would be offered. Vigilance matters.]

Now, we have evidence that QMUL is offering employment at less than the London Living Wage.

All of this as senior management demands we find an extra £20m in surplus to generate a record £50m profit.

All of makes nonsense of our claims to be a compassionate and responsible member of society and is a direct affront to our values.

All of this hits everyone hard, but hits those in precarious employment, parents, women and BAME colleagues the hardest.

Some key links:


Our industrial action starts after reading week and we have convened an Industrial Action Committee to coordinate action.

Join the committee and help make the committee and our protest representative of our diverse and plural membership.

All contributions are needed and welcome: school and departmental mobilisation, planning for strike days, coordinating leafletting, social media campaigning, help with childcare, support for teach-outs, etc., etc.

To get involved email:

This is the biggest attack on our pay in history (and given 15 years of real pay decline, that is something). It is part of a systematic campaign to destroy the job security that enables excellent research and teaching.

The USS is well funded and has greater incomings than outgoings. Universities are making more profit than ever (~£1.5 billion) and the stock market and property are at record highs. There is no need to cut further your pay and pension.

Time to stop the theft of your security in retirement.

Join the fight to save your pension and set the college back on track as a responsible and moral employer.

To get involved email:

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