QMUCU surveyed members on matters relating to race and ethnicity in the workplace. The results of the survey will be presented at a lunchtime event held jointly with the Trades Unions and Human Resources. At this event we will set up a UCU network to take these issues forward. This event is open to ALL QM staff so please spread the word to your colleagues.

Wednesday 13th May 12.30-2.30
Arts One Foyer and Arts One, 1.28

This event is an opportunity for staff to discuss the development of forms of support and networking and what unions and HR can do to address underrepresentation of BAME staff in many areas and racial discrimination in the workplace. There will also be scope to discuss the intersection of religion and belief with race and ethnicity.

It will help us with the organisation if those planning to attend book here:


A free buffet lunch with tea, coffee and soft drinks will be provided for all attendees who have pre-registered. It is not necessary to attend for the full two hours. Stalls will provide additional information from the Trades Unions, HR, and other relevant organisations.

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