UK Academia is Dying from Over-Management: The Queen Mary Scandal by Jeremy Garwood is a good summary of events with key references.

UK university culture: Academic Values No Longer Add Up by Jeremy Garwood is an analysis of the damaging application of crude metrics to Queen Mary academics (requires PDF reader).

Metrics critic’s marching orders: Queen Mary makes Fanis Missirlis, persistent thorn in management’s side, redundant by Paul Jump exposes the unfair treatment of one vocal lecturer and active UCU member.

Redundancies at Queen Mary, University of London by Rachel Ashworth is a call to defend the subject of Physiology, a victim of the proposed restructuring.

Is Queen Mary University of London trying to commit scientific suicide? by David Colquhoun is a defence of core academic values against the absurdity of crude metric applications, which lead to bad science.

I would never dream of criticizing my own institution has some free-range comments.

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