On the 3rd February the QMUCU branch passed a motion calling for all external examiners to resign their positions at Queen Mary until management withdraw the threat of punitive deductions. Already over 50 external examiners have already resigned their positions.

If you are an External Examiner we are asking you to resign your position out of solidarity with our struggle to fight against punitive deductions for ASOS at QMUL.

If you decide to resign your position, send the letter both to the Head of School or Institute in which you are hired and the entirety of the Senior Executive Team of Queen Mary. You can find their emails here.

If you have a Twitter account and feel comfortable sharing your resignation, we also ask that you post about joining the academic boycott of Queen Mary while tagging in both the official QMUL Twitter account and our QMUCU branch account. These types of engagements can amplify the message about our fight and inform other external examiners of our request. See Dr Yvette Russel’s example below.