There are funds available to provide strike pay for members who have wages deducted for taking industrial action. There are two sources of funds:

  1. UCU Fighting Fund: this is a national fund to which any member in good standing (i.e. up to date on membership dues) can apply. For further details see here. To apply login to MyUCU then click this link. You will need to provide a payslip showing your deductions. National UCU has just lifted the cap on the number of days that QMUCU members can claim for, though note that the national fund does not cover the first day of action.
  2. QMUCU local strike fund: this is a fund established from local branch reserves to support members in addition to the national fund. The principles for distributing the local strike fund (see below) were established at branch meetings on 3 February and 2 March 2022. The fund provides a daily allowance. All members can claim, regardless of contract type. It is easy to apply and all requests will be processed as soon as possible. To apply, please complete the application form here and email it to the QMUCU strike fund panel at You will need to provide a payslip showing your deductions, although this requirement can be waived under certain circumstances. If you have any questions about the fund or are worried about financial issues, please write to the panel as soon as possible.

Principles of QMUCU Strike Fund 2022
The Branch Committee will establish a Panel of at least 3 members (including the Branch Treasurer) to assess claims and oversee payments made from the Fund. The Panel’s decision in all matters will be final. A form for making claims will be made available.

How much can I claim?
For both the local and national fund, claims are capped at £50 per strike day (or day of 100% deductions for ASOS) for members earning £30,000 or more gross per annum and £75 per strike day (or day of 100% deductions for ASOS) for members earning less than £30,000 gross per annum. This is to ensure fair distribution of funds.

How do Teaching Associate, Teaching Fellow and Demonstrators claim for participation in the marking boycott?
Some Teaching Associates, Teaching Fellows and Demonstrators are asked to take on further marking duties during the examination period in addition to their existing contract. QMUCU recognises that they may suffer a loss of income for refusing to undertake this work as part of a marking boycott, even though it has not been formally deducted from their pay by management. Where members are able to show that they have declined such work and suffered a financial loss, they will be eligible to make a claim from the strike fund on the same basis as members who have suffered a pay deduction.

Claiming from both local and national funds
Members not in financial distress are encouraged only to apply to the local fund to cover those days where funds from the national fighting fund are not available. Claims from both funds can be made concurrently, but should normally cover different days. However, in situations of financial hardship, the branch will still consider any claims from the local fund for days already covered by the national fund. If you are worried about the financial impact of pay deductions, please get in touch with the strike fund panel as soon as possible (

How claims are assessed
In making assessments, the panel will prioritise claims from members with low monthly pay, and:

  • on casualised, temporary hourly paid or fractional contracts; 
  • with dependents;
  • at risk of rent or mortgage arrears;
  • with a whole household income where more than one income is affected by the strike;
  • at risk of other forms of financial hardship.

Those not in these categories may still apply but are asked to apply to the national fund in the first instance.

Donate to our strike fund
Members of QMUCU and other QMUL staff with higher incomes and more secure finances are encouraged to make individual donations to the strike fund to support their colleagues. As a guide, you might consider donating your remaining income above the level which would be paid to you by the strike fund.

We are calling on other branches and sister trade unions, as well as members of the public, to donate to our fund. The more money we raise, the more confident members can be that they have the support needed to win this crucial fight. All donations are kept in a separate hardship fund account which is sequestered from regular branch funds. Thank you for your donations!