On this page you’ll find a host of resources relating to the pensions strike, including useful explainers of the dispute and QM UCU’s own information flyers and posters, which you are free to download, print and distribute. Other UCU branches may also freely adapt these materials.


  • Why we are striking – all the facts and figures about grotesque pay inequality, job insecurity, crushing workloads, collapsing pay, and pension cuts
  • Why the move to a “defined contribution” pension is really a demand to “die quickly” – by Ewan McGaughey.
  • Why the valuation of the USS pension scheme is phoney and political, not objective and technical – by Sean Wallis.
  • 10 reasons why the USS deficit is bogus – by David Ridley.

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Posters and Flyers

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picket line flyer 1 Nov 2019
Picket line flyer

Our strike examination paper – the questions are fun, but the data is real!

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Picket line posters