Below is a motion UCU branches across the UK can pass to express solidarity with QMUCU.

Solidarity motion with Queen Mary UCU

This branch notes:

  • That Queen Mary management intends to implement punitive deductions of 100% pay for each day staff refuse to reschedule classes cancelled due to strike action.
  • The UK-wide trend of HE employers threatening punitive deductions, albeit not often as aggressively as Queen Mary.
  • Previous retreats from such threats by HE employers in the face of public and industrial pressure.

This branch believes:

  • That these employer tactics are disproportionate and dangerous, and risk escalating the disputes and further disrupting students’ education.
  • That the threat of punitive deductions of 100% pay for ASOS at one institution threatens the right to strike at all institutions and therefore requires a collective and nationally coordinated response
  • That members at Queen Mary are facing an increased financial burden for participating in industrial action.

This branch resolves:

  • To call on all members at this branch to resign their positions as external examiners at Queen Mary with immediate effect.
  • To send a message of solidarity to members at Queen Mary UCU.
  • To send a solidarity donation of £XXX [suggested donation £500-£1000] to Queen Mary UCU’s strike/hardship fund.