Staff at Queen Mary are facing an unprecedented attack against their legal right to strike. In January 2022, members of the local UCU branch at Queen Mary comprising of teaching, research and professional services staff voted to take part of the national industrial action. The membership successfully overcame the 50% participation threshold on both the USS Pensions and Four Fights ballots. As a response, the Senior Executive Team of QMUL, headed by the Principal Colin Bailey, decided to deduct 100% of staff’s pay for Action Short of Strike. This means staff will be forced to reschedule teaching missed due to the strike once they return to work. They will not be paid until they agree to do so. You can read about this in more detail here.

We are reaching out to everyone who might be able to support us in our fight against punitive deductions. Please select the role that characterises you best and follow the instructions on how you can help.

Students of Queen Mary

Alumni of Queen Mary

External examiners

Other UCU branches

We are also calling on other branches and sister trade unions, as well as members of the public, to donate to our crowdfund. The more money we raise, the more confident members can be that they have the support needed to win this crucial fight.