Many academics striking for better pay, conditions, and pensions are precariously employed and earn relatively low incomes. To mitigate some of the financial pressure that strike action places on our members, there are two hardship funds—one national and one local. Between the two funds, between £50 and £75 per strike day is available, the higher amount is for members on less than £30,000

The national fund covers lower paid members from the second day and higher paid members from the third day of striking. Full guidance on how to apply to the national Fighting Fund is here. You can apply here. The national fund has recently raised the cap for claims to £1,100 and £800, for lower and higher paid members respectively.

QMUCU also has a local fund, which complements the national fund. It is designed to fill some of the gaps in the national fund and to further help staff financially during industrial action. It is intended to especially support members on precarious contracts and/or with caring responsibilities and to cover them for days not covered by the national fund. Last year the fund was able to fill all claims. It would be great to do the same this year.


Donations are welcomed to the hardship fund. Please make a bank transfer as follows:

Sort Code: 608301
Account Number: 20391142
Name of Account Holder: UCU QMW LA44
Reference: Hardship Fund

We are greatful to the the Tower Hamlets Unison and NEU branches for generous donations to our local hardship fund.


The national fund covers members from the third day of striking. You can get more details, and apply for the national fighting fund, here.

Ideally, members claim from the national fund and use the local fund to fill the gap for the first two days. The same rates apply. To claim for support from the local hardship fund please complete the QM UCU local hardship fund Application (details of eligibility, priorities, etc, are included in the form).


To ensure eligibility please make sure you are paying your UCU subscriptions at the correct rate and that you are in the correct membership category.
If you are a PhD student eligible for free UCU membership then it is important to ensure that you have selected the ‘standard full membership’ option and ticked ‘yes’ under ‘eligible for free membership’ here.
You can update your UCU membership details at any time via your ‘My UCU’ online account.