I’m Sebastian, an MA student in Theatre and Performance, a UCU student member, and QMUCU’s Student Liaison. I have been at Queen Mary since Autumn 2019, which is when I started my BA in Film Studies and Drama. I am not a member of QMUL staff and I do not teach.

As Student Liaison, I serve as a point of contact between the branch and students: I’m here to facilitate conversation and collaboration between the UCU branch and students, from undergraduate to PGR, and to inform students about the UCU and trade unionism more widely. I also work with student organisers and the Students’ Union, coordinating events and campaigns. 

If you are a student: QMUL Community Solidarity, a collective of students supporting the campus unions, has a vast amount of resources you can look up to find out information, background, and resources for getting involved and staying informed. Additionally, you can subscribe to my mailing list below to get news from campus unions and potential industrial action.

Got a question? Drop me a line and let’s talk union!