QMUL cares a lot about the reputation is has among the alumni community. This is important for future recruitment as well as alumni donations.

If you oppose the current Senior Executive Team’s decision to withhold staff’s pay for Action Short of Strike, you can show your support in the following ways.

1. Express your support on social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to cause reputational damage to QMUL’s management. If you express your support on Twitter, remember to tag the official QMUL account as well as the QMUCU account in your tweet.

2. Send the Senior Executive Team and the Council of QMUL an email

The Senior Executive Team will drop 100% deductions for ASOS if they feel that this is causing too much reputational damage to QMUL among its student and alumni populations. Please email to the SET and the Council of QMUL expressing your support for striking staff and your opposition to the punitive deductions policy. If you usually donate to the university as an alumni, please also consider expressing that you will stop those donations until the SET drops the 100% deductions policy.

You can find the emails of the Senior Executive Team here and the Council here.

3. Divert your alumni donations to the QMUCU crowdfunding campaign

The more money we raise, the more confident members can be that they have the support needed to win this crucial fight. All donations are kept in a separate hardship fund account which is sequestered from regular branch funds. You can donate to our strike fund here.